Writing Project 2, Intro to Academic Research: Going Viral

What is your argument?  The argument of my meme is that the public has a distorted perception of homeschool families that serves to everyone’s detriment.  These short answers use the meme’s point to put forth the assertion that in excluding cases like that of home educators, the understanding of the term “social justice” is not as all-inclusive as it aims to be.


How does that argument engage with a particular social justice issue?  The mainstream concept of social justice is incomplete.  Or perhaps, the mainstream concept of social justice is based on the tolerance ideology, which is highly incomplete.  I chose to challenge the boundaries of the term “social justice” by putting forth an unpopular but close-to-home (literally) issue—the misconception of homeschool families.


This meme is about stereotypes, and stereotypes are not always unwarranted.  However, they do force those subject to them to change their behavior, for better or for worse.  For example, my brother and I did play in our backyard, but we had to be careful during school hours that strangers didn’t see us, lest they report us for “truancy.”  We were disciplined, truly and often, but that did us much good and taught us lessons in maturity.  I was bad at math; that is, until my mom’s hard work reformed me.  We did indeed pay public school tax to the government, even though we didn’t use the school system for many years.  In fact, we paid legal defense fees, too, in case there was some misunderstanding with the authorities.  Did we sleep late and do our work in pajamas?  No way.  We started school at 7:20 am, fully dressed, teeth brushed.  Did we read Tolstoy as babies?  Let’s just say we would have, had we started homeschooling at that point.  After all, reading is the cornerstone of the homeschool curriculum.


There is no “ism” label for the misjudgment of homeschool families.  This is not an issue that people decide to take action for, unless children are seized by the government, as is currently taking place in Germany.  This is an example that represents all the important issues that the term “social justice” cares little for.


Have you used text to help clarify your argument?  My text captions cover the homeschool family’s most common critics and introduces them in such a way that their impressions are not presented as facts.  This is a well-known type of meme, therefore it requires less effort on the part of the viewer to interpret it.  They know which words to look for in the captions.


How is your meme ironic?  This meme shows a few homeschool stereotypes that are either opposite the truth or true but with a meaning contrary to the impression.  It does not completely dismiss stereotypes as vicious or evil in themselves, but simply points out the importance of thought before speaking, acting, or solidifying an impression.  We students would do well to remember that all around the board, not restricted to cliché topics such as sexism, racism, and the like.  We should not let our reading comprehension be programmed by the automatic impressions that we have been taught to make. 


As a closing remark, I would like to caution my readers not to disregard my previous sentence as uninformed, ignorant, or inexperienced.  I have been in nearly every possible educational venue.  Come, let us broaden our horizons.


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